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Airport Shuttle BRINDISI - LECCE city terminal. Time: in force since 06/03/2018

City terminal Lecce

Our SalentoAnd constantly Tourism Growth, and about 80% choose to take come Mezzo Transport, Plane Taking airport in the airport of Brindisi,where Being able to reach the city of Lecce There is a convenient shuttle service that ago by shuttling between the Brindisi airport to Lecce (airport city terminal) and Lecce to Brindisi. The cost of 6.50 € per ride tickets can be found at the airport at the point of sale Brindisi Casale Airport Giunti Libraryor a bus board with a surcharge of 1.50 €. For those taking the shuttle from 'the terminal of Lecce City Airport can buy a ticket from:

TRAVEL AGENCY Theutra (c/o City Terminal)
Garden Coffee - Via Adriatica, 16 

The City Airport Terminal and situated in a strategic position aoppena Going into the town about 300 meters from the historic center of Lecce, get A Tourist Information Platform, a bar where you can relax before taking the airport shuttle, parking for AMPI those who should leave the car, from here and take the bus Several Possible Linking to the Entire Salento.Tempo territory journey 40 '45' Minutes

Luogo di partenza
(city terminal) **
Ora partenza Ora di arrivo Luogo di arrivo
Lecce (city Terminal) 05.15 05.55 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 06.50 07.30 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 10.10 10.50 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 11.20 12.00 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 14.05 14.45 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 16.20 17.00 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 17.45 18.25 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 20.20 21.00 Aeroporto Brindisi
Lecce (city Terminal) 22.45 23.25 Aeroporto Brindisi

*Corsa esercitata da SEAT srl per conto di SITA Spa
Luogo partenza Ora partenza Ora di arrivo Luogo arrivo
(city terminal) **
Aeroporto Brindisi 06.00 06.40 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 09.00 09.40 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 11.00 11.40 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 12.50 13.30 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 15.45 16.20 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 17.30 18.10 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 19.30 20:10 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 22.00 22.40 Lecce (city Terminal)
Aeroporto Brindisi 23.45 00.25 Lecce (city Terminal)

For clients of the B&B La Piazzetta possibility of free transfer from the City Termianl to B&B..