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Tour lecce, Lecce city tour, tourist route Lecce, lecce excursions

Tour lecce, Lecce city tour, tourist route Lecce, lecce excursions

Lecce city Tour:

- S. Oronzo square - It named after the patron saint's statue that stands by a column erected in 1666 in gratitude for the averted danger of plague.

- Amphitheater - Of age; Augustan (Isec), is; excavated in part in your and in part on imposing arches; It was brought to light in 1938. More; half; the plant, which could hold 20,000 spectators, is still buried. Lecce city tour

- S. Irene church (1591 - 1639) - Designed by Grimaldi, was dedicated by Pp. Theatines to the Virgin of Thessalonica once protector of the city goes on high gable why the coat of arms, with the wolf that passes under a holm oak crowned. Recently it was restored the adjoining cloister, now home to exhibitions and cultural events. tourist route lecce

- Cathedral (1659 -70) - Wonderful example of Baroque brings Zimbalo signature, that built; on the ruins of the Assumption Cathedral (XII sec.). Its also the high Campanile five floors (1682). A Latin cross with three naves, contains magnificent altars and valuable paintings. Beautiful square, whose current form dates back to 1761. Lecce excursions.

- S.Anna (With former conservatory) - In the seventeenth century with tall front two rows and gable trinagolare, it was designed by Zimbalo. Alongside the Conservatory built in 1868 on the remains of an eighteenth century noble family of asylum for women. Tour lecce

- Rosario of the San Giovanni Battista Church (1691) - It was built on the site of a medieval church. A Greek cross with octagonal room, the work sums up the artistic career Zimbalo, who wanted to be buried here when he died in 1710. Monumental facade that has at its center the image of St. Dominic de Guzman; inside it is noteworthy the only pulpit of the city in local stone. Lecce city tour

- Porta Rudiae (1703) - The dedicatory inscription tells the legendary origin of the city and is topped by the statue of Sant'Oronzo, flanked by the S.sIrene and Domenico. The busts on the architrave of the mythical founders of Lecce: Euippa, wife of Idomeneo, Malennio, King of Salento, Dauno, his son and Idomeneo, which would have given the city name. tourist route Lecce

- Paisiello Theater (1758) - He was the permanent theater of the city founded as a new theater and rebuilt in 1870, when it was inaugurated with a performance of Verdi's Un ballo in mask. For the richness of the decorations Paisiello, that can; only hold 320 spectators, is called a Favor. Lecce excursions

- Porta Napoli - Also known as Triumphal Arch was erected in 1548 in honor of Emperor Charles V as a thank you for the fortifications that realized to defend the city. It stands where once was the ancient port of San Giusto. Tour Lecce

- Obelisk - It was erected in 1822 by V. Carluccio on the occasion of the visit to Lecce of Ferdinand I of Bourbon. The four faces are decorated with reliefs of the four symbolic capuologhi of Terra d'Otranto. Lecce city tour

- S.s Nicolò and Cataldo Church - Located outside the walls, it was commissioned by Tancredi of Altavilla in 1180, but was abandoned until the end of the fifteenth century. Medieval rose window and the portal, while G. Cino was responsible for the facade was rebuilt in 1716. Tourist route lecce

- Monastery Olivetani - On only commission it was created the first Cloister (1559) with the Centre a well with rich Renaissance canopy. The second cloister dates back to 1639.

- Palazzo Adorno - Is the only sixteenth century Palazzo Lecce with external smooth rustication, faceted into the hall outside. Sumptuous ornamentation late Renaissance, probably the Riccardi. Lecce excursions

- Palazzo dei Celestini (1549) - The prospectus ashlar (1659-1695), bears the clear signature in Zimbalo reason lanceolate tip. The design cinquecentescodel courtyard is attributed instead to Riccardi. Tour Lecce

- Santa Croce Church - Symbol of the Baroque Lecce, in its construction (1646) waited three great architects: G Riccardi, he started the general structure and the lower part of the facade, the Zimablo the porch in double columns and side doors, C. Pen to the top of the prospectus . The big central rosette of Romanesque inspiration, rich frame, the four columns and niches make, together with telamons, to fantastic creatures, the animals, the personaggimitologici and historical present in the facade makes this church a unique example known throughout the world. Lecce city tour

- Castle of Charles V (1539-49) - A veritable fortress, was built was draft G.G. Dell'Acaya by order of Charles V to defend the city. The interior has been extensively remodeled over the years. The oldest part is a square tower of Angevin. Tourist route Lecce

- S. Chiara church - Rebuilt in 1687, it was once attached to a cloistered convent. Work of Cino, the church has an octagonal nave and covered with papier-mâché ceiling and altarilignei the end of '600, attributed to Neapolitan sculptors Smoke and Catalan. Lecce excursions

- San Matteo church (1667 - 1700) - Totally foreign to local architecture. The model is authentic reworking of Borromini's Church of St. Charles delle Quattro Fontane. Characteristic the game of the convex part of the first order with the concave wall of the second. Elliptical interior with pinti eighteenth century and the beautiful altar. Tour Lecce

- Porta San Biagio (1774) - It marked the southern entrance of the city and takes its name from the statue of Saint Blaise, bishop of Sebaste, placed on its top. Lecce city tour

- Museum Castromediano -And 'the oldest museum in Apulia, founded in 1868 by Duke Sigismund Castromediano Cavallino. Notable antiquarium and art gallery. Tourist route Lecce

- Romano Theater - He is the only so far discovered in Puglia. Agustea of ​​age, was found in 1929. It had large: the bleachers intended to accommodate the audience were many more of the 12 preservatesi. Inside it it has come to light of Anthony aged statues of Greek originalio copies. Lecce excursions

For a good tour in Lecce follow our guide and you will notice that you will spend a great holidays in Lecce.